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Mr. Laxman Sagar (Honourable Chairman)

Dr. Prabha Kaushik (Respected Principal)

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Our Mission

"Learning is possible when boundaries are removed, when fresh ideas are encouraged, when lessons transcends academics, when recreations is habit"

The fundamental mission of our school is to broaden the horizons. We provide welcoming and supportive atmosphere, which fosters the enjoyment of learning and inculcates the spirit of inquisitiveness among the students.

We value feelings, interests and views of each member of the Daisy Dales family. Our motive is to create self- confident and self- motivated individuals.

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Games & Sports

Games and sports are an integral part of our curriculum. We have trained instructors, who search for talent and give them suitable environment to excel in the respective fields. Apart from this, the physical well-being of each student is taken care of by our instructors.

The skills and techniques of playing different games are taught with utmost care. Our students have shown their proficiency in different fields of games and sports like lawn tennis, basketball, karate, football and other major sports activities.

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Expeditions & Adventure Camps

The most memorable learning experiences often take place beyond the classrooms. The students have the opportunity to be involved in trips to places of industrial, scientific, historical and architectural importance both in India and abroad. Educational excursions and adventure camps are part of our annual calendar. Students from class 1 onwards go to explore and appreciate which helps them to connect with nature.

India's unmatched beauty provides us with unparalleled resources to conduct expeditions and field visits which are demanded by our school curriculum. This helps in strengthening the bond of interdependence and in learning ways to adapt to the changing circumstances. In future, we also plan to establish International Exchange programs to provide our children with the best experiences.

The school arranges various Adventure Camps and Treks; these help in building confidence, Team Work & Trust. The school takes proper care in terms of safety measures and provision of First Aid. In the year 2013, our Scouts & Guides team went to Mount Abu for a 5 day Trek & Adventure Camp. Such trips help in inculcating the spirit of self confidence and belief in oneself.

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